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Welcome to DSG’s Marketing Asset Library!

This is your one stop shop for all the marketing assets you need to build campaigns to market and help sell Intel® Server Systems and Solutions.  All assets are customer-facing and feature customizable and non-customizable formats. Assets include:

  • Product Overview Slides – Highlights the workloads, use cases and special features.
  • Product Tour Videos – Showcases “under the hood” view of the new features and benefits of the new system.
  • Product Images – Provides a wide range of angles, top, bottom, back, angled, etc. to meet your marketing needs.
  • Social Media “Snackables” – Features 20-30 second videos, banners and copy snippets.
  • Infographics – Highlights key selling points and product differentiators.
  • Pitch Cards – Provides a quick reference of the product, differentiators, and positioning at each stage of the sales cycle.
  • Product Line Manager (PLM) Videos – Mini-videos created by product experts that are perfect for social media marketing.
  • Sample Web Copy – To help build your online presence.
  • FAQ’s – Customer questions answered by product experts.
  • Solution Briefs – Product overview, speeds and feeds all in one document.

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Social Media "Snackables" Videos, Banners, & Copy

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