Intel® Server System D50TNP Family enables breakthrough compute, accelerator, storage and I/O capacity and performance—purpose-built for insight-driven HPC workloads.  


The mainstream server with better-than-mainstream innovation

Intel® Server System M50CYP Family is designed to be the primary server platform for your data center—with the versatility to run an incredibly wide range of workloads, the flexibility to be configured and scaled to fit your needs, and the platform-wide performance innovation to ensure responsive user experiences.

 The Intel® Server System M70KLP Family (formerly known as code-name, Kelton Pass) delivers extraordinary TCO, 2U performance and density, featuring breakthrough compute and memory capacity for scale-out and scale-up workloads. This is the first member of the Intel® Server System portfolio to feature 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and is ideal for in-memory database, data warehouse, analytics and other workloads—in the data center, or the cloud.

Introducing the Intel® Server System M20MYP, an ideal, cost-effective entry-level companion to Intel’s server portfolio— delivering essential server features while offering flexibility and outstanding support for enterprise, cloud and SMB workloads. 

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Intel® Server System M20MYP delivers essential performance and robust security for an entry-level server. Featuring 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, the server delivers outstanding per-core performance across a wide variety of workloads, and built-in security enhancements to help better protect your data and infrastructure.

Intel® Data Center Blocks can greatly reduce the complexity, time and expertise required to deploy modern infrastructure.

Solutions include Intel® Data Center Blocks for Cloud, Intel® Data Center Blocks for HPC and Intel® Data Center Blocks for Networking.  We’ve created this briefcase of marketing assets to help you with your marketing efforts to sell Intel® DCB’s.  The briefcase contains:

  • Intel® DCB video
  • “Be Ready” themed banners
  • “Modern Infrastructure” themed banners
  • Infrastructure requirements checklist
  • Intel® DCB infographic
  • Intel® DCB FAQ
  • Promotional emails for data center blocks, cloud, HPC and NFVi