Accelerating the Path to the Cloud with Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCBs)

    Modern enterprises require more scalable, reliable, and secure data and cloud infrastructures. Today’s cloud infrastructures are often critical for the improved performance of business applications, but can prove expensive, siloed, and challenging to scale. If you’re planning to refresh aging hardware, consolidate virtualized workloads, and connect to Microsoft Azure for Hybrid cloud services, then Microsoft Azure Stack Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is the right choice for you.

    Microsoft Azure Stack HCI is a hybrid cloud solution built on Intel partner hardware that includes virtualization (Hyper-V), software-defined storage (Storage Spaces Direct), and software-defined networking. It also has the flexibility of optional OS-integrated Azure services, such as offsite backup, site recovery, cloud-based monitoring, and more. Because it’s a Microsoft-validated solution, you can get up and running without lengthy design and build times. To help you with this transformation, Intel and Microsoft have collaborated across the areas of compute, storage, networking, and security to deliver server system configurations that optimize the features and performance of Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and help you accelerate the path to multi/hybrid-cloud.

    Updated July 2021

     Accelerate Your Path to the Cloud with Software Defined Storage (SDS) and Intel Data Center Blocks for VMware vSAN ReadyNodes.

    Intel Data Center Blocks for the Cloud–VMware vSAN ReadyNodes offer a validated and supported solution tailored for High Performance Computing (HPC), HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI), and Storage deployments that require outstanding performance. Now supporting the new 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family, available in All-Flash (SSD) and hybrid (combined SSD and HDD) configurations, these systems deliver the flexibility to build innovative, cost effective, software-defined storage solutions quickly and efficiently. 

    The Intel® Server System D50TNP Family—one powerful and flexible HPC platform. Limitless HPC and AI possibilities.

    Extraordinary performance, capacity and versatility—combined with four distinct, purpose-built modules for compute, acceleration, storage and management—make the Intel® Server System D50TNP Family the easy server choice for your HPC and AI workloads.

    Updated October 11, 2021

    One flexible and powerful HPC platform. Limitless HPC and AI possibilities.

    Powered by 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, the Intel® Server System D50TNP Family is designed from the ground up to be the highly flexible HPC foundational platform that meets all your AI and high-performance computing needs.

    With four distinct, purpose-built HPC nodes available, you can scale and optimize your clusters to fit your changing needs. You can also add compute, accelerator, storage or management capacity quickly and easily.

    This compelling video highlights the key features of the Intel® Server System D50TNP Family.

    The mainstream server with better-than-mainstream innovation

    Intel® Server System M50CYP Family is designed to be the primary server platform for your data center—with the versatility to run an incredibly wide range of workloads, the flexibility to be configured and scaled to fit your needs, and the platform-wide performance innovation to ensure responsive user experiences.

    Updated October 11, 2021

    Intel® Server System M70KLP Family sets a new standard for 2U, upper-end mainstream servers by combining extraordinary TCO, performance and density for both scale-up or scale-out workloads. Its high compute, memory capacity and ultra-fast inter-processor I/O make it ideal to maximize consolidation for VM and container workloads to reduce sprawl and TCO.

    And, it’s a great scale-up server choice for compute-intensive or memory-bound workloads, delivering outstanding
    performance, scalability and TCO for your more demanding needs.  More workloads. Less sprawl. Lower operating costs. The Intel® Server System M70KLP Family’s unique blend of 4-socket density—with 2-socket versatility—makes it an ideal choice for data centers that need to do more with less