Just Released! Intel® Data Center Manager 3.8 (Intel® DCM 3.8) Information Card

    Now available the Intel® Data Center Manager 3.8 Information card!  This public facing sales tool is loaded with key information about the newly released Intel® DCM Console 3.8 including:

    • Value proposition and differentiators
    • Positioning for resellers/distributors and end customers
    • Customer quotes
    • Use cases
    • Handling objections
    • Screen grabs

    Used as “quick read,” this public-facing tool complements Solution Briefs and technical documents and acts as a conversation starter for engaging with Partners and Partner's with their customers.  

    Trusted Intel Hardware Certified by Nutanix

    Together, Nutanix and Intel have developed fully validated and certified Intel® Data Center Blocks for the HCI market. The result of this collaboration enables you to accelerate your path to market, grow your business with new revenue streams, and deliver peace of mind to your customers with technology and support from industry leaders.

    Intel® Data Center Blocks for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform are available as configure-to-order systems that include processors, server boards, chassis, power supply, storage, networking, and memory that have been validated to optimally work together. Value-added Resellers (VARs) and System Integrators (SIs) can add Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software to provide a fast route for building both on-premise and hybrid clouds.

    Customized to add your logo, this sales tool provides key messages to use in your marketing efforts, competitive differentiation, and how to overcome possible objections.

    Introducing the Intel® Server System M20MYP, an ideal, cost-effective entry-level companion to Intel’s server portfolio— delivering essential server features while offering flexibility and outstanding support for enterprise, cloud and SMB workloads. 

    This Messaging Framework is in Simplified Chinese

    Stock Visibility Options for Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCB) is a program that improves customers' visibility to partially- or fully-integrated system shipping lead times.

    Stock Visibility Options for Intel® DCB currently offer customers the ability to choose pre-configured, or config-to-order systems with “In Stock” components that may be customized and scaled to meet the customers' needs. With visibility to what is immediately available, the customer will be able to speed up time-to-market. Shipping times range from 14 days to 3 weeks, depending upon the option(s) selected. 


    • Faster time-to-market
    • Predictable delivery with predetermined shipping time
    • Ready to usually ship within 14 days to 3 weeks, depending on your need for customization
    • Extendable configurations that you can build upon

    This comprehensive training deck provides an overview of the program including all the options within the program, how it works and what you will experience.

    Updated July 22, 2020

    This training will introduce the Intel® Data Center Blocks for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform which combines the agility and simplicity of the public cloud, with the security and control you need in a private cloud. Built on the industry’s leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology, it integrates compute, storage, virtualization and networking in a full-stack solution that runs nearly any application. Achieve operational agility while retaining your ability to choose your hardware configurations and virtualization technology to meet your customers’ requirements.

    This deck provides and overview of Intel® Data Center Blocks, highly integrated systems that include not only a board and chassis but also processors, SSDs, Ethernet, fabric, and even memory. We have pre-defined SKUs that are optimized for specific workloads or segments including HPC, cloud, business and networking, and the option to custom design a system for one of these segments or for the workload or segment of your choice.  Also covered is Intel® Select Solutions and current promotions.