Stock Visibility Options for Intel® DCB offers customers three different options: prebuilt, pre-configured, or configure-to-order with available components that may be customized and scaled to meet the customers' needs.  Available options are based upon the status of configuration and assembly of Intel's in-stock components.  With visibility to what is immediately available, the customer are able to speed up time-to-market. Shipping times usually range from 3 days to 3 weeks, depending upon the option selected.

    • Faster time-to-market
    • Predictability with predetermined shipping times
    • Trusted high-quality fully validated Intel® Data Center Blocks that feature Intel's latest technologies

    This zip file contains many formats and sizes of the SVO icon for use in all your marketing efforts

    Updated 7/21/2020

    This deck provides and overview of Intel® Data Center Blocks, highly integrated systems that include not only a board and chassis but also processors, SSDs, Ethernet, fabric, and even memory. We have pre-defined SKUs that are optimized for specific workloads or segments including HPC, cloud, business and networking, and the option to custom design a system for one of these segments or for the workload or segment of your choice.  Also covered is Intel® Select Solutions and current promotions.

    Accelerate Time-to-Market with SMB Server Solutions

    Review this solution brief and learn how preconfigured, fully-validated SMB Server Blocks from Intel can help accelerate time to market with reliable server solutions optimized for the needs of small and medium businesses, as well as reduce complexity and costs