Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) enables data protection in use via unique application isolation technology via HW level. Protect selected code and data from modification using hardened enclaves with Intel® SGX. DSG products that feature this key technology include Intel® Server System M50CYP Family, Intel® Server System D50TNP Family, and Intel® Server System D40AMP Family. We’ve created slides for you to use in your customer presentations, 30-3-30’s and other presentations.

More marketing assets, coming soon!

Intel® Data Center Blocks can greatly reduce the complexity, time and expertise required to deploy modern infrastructure.

Solutions include Intel® Data Center Blocks for Cloud, Intel® Data Center Blocks for HPC and Intel® Data Center Blocks for Networking.  We’ve created this briefcase of marketing assets to help you with your marketing efforts to sell Intel® DCB’s.  The briefcase contains:

  • Intel® DCB video
  • “Be Ready” themed banners
  • “Modern Infrastructure” themed banners
  • Infrastructure requirements checklist
  • Intel® DCB infographic
  • Intel® DCB FAQ
  • Promotional emails for data center blocks, cloud, HPC and NFVi