Intel® Server System M50CYP Family is a versatile, feature-rich choice to be your data center’s workhorse platform for a wide variety of applications and has been certified with the leading cloud software.

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     The Intel® Server System M70KLP Family delivers extraordinary TCO, 2U performance and density, featuring breakthrough compute and memory capacity for scale-out and scale-up workloads. This is the first member of the Intel® Server System portfolio to feature 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and is ideal for in-memory database, data warehouse, analytics and other workloads—in the data center, or the cloud.

    Intel® Server System M70KLP Family sets a new standard for 2U, upper-end mainstream servers by combining extraordinary TCO, performance and density for both scale-up or scale-out workloads. Its high compute, memory capacity and ultra-fast inter-processor I/O make it ideal to maximize consolidation for VM and container workloads to reduce sprawl and TCO.

    And, it’s a great scale-up server choice for compute-intensive or memory-bound workloads, delivering outstanding
    performance, scalability and TCO for your more demanding needs.  More workloads. Less sprawl. Lower operating costs. The Intel® Server System M70KLP Family’s unique blend of 4-socket density—with 2-socket versatility—makes it an ideal choice for data centers that need to do more with less

    The Intel® Server System S9200WK product family is a purpose built, performance-optimized data center block ideal for use in high performance computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence applications. 

    Discover the advantage of purpose-built servers, powered by the latest Intel® technologies. This 3D virtual tour will take you under the hood—highlighting the server’s key features and benefits that drive business value for you today, and tomorrow.


    Intel® Server System M20MYP is purpose-built to provide the cost efficiency and flexibility you expect in an entry-level server—while delivering the exceptional performance and security built into Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

    This video provides a 3 dimensional view of the product, highlighting key features and value propositions.


    Introducing the Intel® Server System M20MYP, an ideal, cost-effective entry-level companion to Intel’s server portfolio— delivering essential server features while offering flexibility and outstanding support for enterprise, cloud and SMB workloads. 

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