The Intel® Server Board S7200AP along with the Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor, Intel® Omni-Path Fabric, and other Intel components provide breakthrough performance for highly parallelized, high performance computing workflows. This video showcases how these technologies can help your customers take their HPC business to the next level.

    Designed to support the demands of parallel processing with 6 DIMMs, up to 72 cores and optional support for Intel® Omni-Path Fabric for up to 100 Gb/s of node interconnect throughput delivering performance, high availability, and serviceability.

    80% of workloads will run on a cloud architecture by 2024 (1). Intel® Data Center Block configurations are purpose-built with all-Intel technology, optimized to address the needs of specific market segments. These fully-validated blocks deliver performance, reliability, and quality for solutions customer want and can trust to handle their demanding cloud workloads.

     This video shows how customers are evaluating cloud transformation and that the preconfigured and fully validated Intel(R) Data Center Blocks for Cloud help accelerate and simplify the transition.

    1Intel and Bain analysis 2016.

    The process of configuring and validating the foundational components of a High Performance Computing (HPC) solution is a complex and resource intensive process. Intel® Data Center Blocks for HPC are designed to help reduce the complexity with fully validated HPC Compute Blocks. Available in built-to-order or pre-configured options, our HPC Compute Blocks incorporate Intel’s latest data center technologies—already optimized to work better together—allowing resellers accelerate time to market with reliable and competitive HPC solutions.