Intel’s world-class, comprehensive services and support package can provide you with a leg up on your competition—enabling you to deliver differentiating expertise and value to customers throughout every stage of the server lifecycle, from pre-purchase and deployment to daily operations and management.

    This infographic graphically depicts the unique offerings we provide our customers that set us a part from all others.

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    Intel® Data Center Blocks can greatly reduce the complexity, time and expertise required to deploy modern infrastructure.

    Solutions include Intel® Data Center Blocks for Cloud, Intel® Data Center Blocks for HPC and Intel® Data Center Blocks for Networking.  We’ve created this briefcase of marketing assets to help you with your marketing efforts to sell Intel® DCB’s.  The briefcase contains:

    • Intel® DCB video
    • “Be Ready” themed banners
    • “Modern Infrastructure” themed banners
    • Infrastructure requirements checklist
    • Intel® DCB infographic
    • Intel® DCB FAQ
    • Promotional emails for data center blocks, cloud, HPC and NFVi