Customer data centers today require  unique server solutions that run complex,  business-critical workloads. Increasingly,  it takes more of your resources to develop  those solutions. Intel® Data Center Blocks  make it easier for you to adopt, qualify,  and sell the latest Intel® technology,  helping you address the demands of  today’s data centers.

    Accelerate Time-to-Market with SMB Server Solutions

    Review this solution brief and learn how preconfigured, fully-validated SMB Server Blocks from Intel can help accelerate time to market with reliable server solutions optimized for the needs of small and medium businesses, as well as reduce complexity and costs

    As security threats continue to evolve and increase, security IT officers are driving for a holistic and expanded view to protect their critical infrastructure. This includes protecting the server all the way down to the firmware at the lowest layers of the platform, where threats are most difficult to detect. While technologies exist to protect the higher layers of the infrastructure stack, system IT users need assurance that the underlying platform launching these security technologies can be trusted.

    To address this, Intel has developed the Intel® Data Center Block for Business - PFR Server Block. Featuring Intel® Platform Firmware Resilience (Intel® PFR) technology, the PFR Server Block enables platform security starting in the factory through power-on, system boot, OS load, and beyond¹. With this offering, customers can protect firmware from being intercepted, detect firmware corruption, and automatically restore a system if malware is detected. The ability to correct firmware corruptions is a new and innovative capability, and an ideal solution for security-sensitive industries including government, financial institutions, and critical infrastructure.

    The Software Guard Extensions Server Block is optimized for information security, featuring Intel’s industry-leading cryptographic isolation technology - Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX). Intel® SGX provides CPU-hardened enclaves, or protected areas of execution in memory, that increase security for selected code and data on compromised platforms. The Software Guard Extensions Server Block is an unbranded server system designed to be a cost-effective cryptographic security solution that delivers enterprise-grade performance, reliability and security in an easy-to-manage system.