Intel® Server Products for Enhanced Security Servers

Intel® Server Products for Enhanced Security Servers

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Enhanced Security Servers
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Overview What to Offer Reseller Opportunity

Combining Hardware and Software for Enhanced Security

In today’s business environment hardware and software security are more important that ever as more opportunities with vicious malware attacks and hacks at a myriad of points that can come from the BIOS level or get injected at points along the supply chain. Gartner estimates that in 20151 there are about 4.9 billion connected devices, but 2020 it is estimated there will be over 50 billion2. Each device creating an opportunity for a security breach. Whether you need to ensure the security of your small business customers, ensure the integrity of the cloud or supply chains, or transform and optimize customer server infrastructure, everyone faces the reality that ever-evolving server security solutions are needed to keep their systems protected. Offering products that bring leading hardware and software security to the market to provide higher level of trust in servers is a must.

Offer Trusted Components for Your Customers

When you offer Intel® Server Products, like the Intel® Server Product S2600WT Family, you are bringing in the latest in technology advances for security from the processor and the server board to the software. Create customizable solutions to enhance server security for your customers with Intel® Server Systems.




Intel® Xeon® processors

 Offer server hardware based solutions using Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) and Trusted Platform Management (TPM) technology verify the integrity and trust of a platform to assure nothing has been tampered with and the platform is running authorized version of firmware and software.

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Cloud Integrity Technology

Easily access and manage Intel TXT and TPM technology with Intel® Cloud Integrity Technology (Intel® CIT) software. This software will assert the platform and/or workload is ‘Trusted’.

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McAfee Antivirus

Comprehensive always-on, real-time anti-malware protection for Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers for Enterprise and Linux* environments. McAfee Antivirus and Intel® Server Systems, better together.

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Customizable Solution to Offer

When faced with computing challenges, you want your customers to think of you first—let them know they can count on you as an expert. Stay ahead of your customers’ needs with this customizable enhances security server solution.

McAfee Antivirus for Intel® Server Systems

McAfee_S2600WTBundled protection. Choose an Intel® Server Product S2600WT family-based system and pair this with an Enterprise or Linux subscription for McAfee Antivirus, to offer increased hardware and software security in your servers.

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Reseller Faster TTM and Lower TCO

This flexible offering creates an opportunity for the channel and distributors with changing customer needs to offer enhanced security solution options in your servers. Offer customers faster and reliably enhanced security server solutions based on innovative Intel technologies and software you can trust.


  • Semi-integrated, unbranded products with Intel’s latest technologies designed for enhanced security servers
  • Award winning McAfee security software
  • Decreased installation time and effort
  • Products easily tuned to required customer environments
  • Easy system integration, validation, compatibility, certification, and support
  • Faster time-to-market and lower total cost-of-ownership
  • Get certified as a McAfee Channel Reseller Partner

Reseller value

Deliver enhanced security server solutions to customers faster by focusing resources on your unique value-add— software, services and support, while leveraging the Intel brand, its quality and reliability.

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