Intel® Transparent Supply Chain

Intel® Transparent Supply Chain

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Emerging Concern Over Counterfeit Electronic Parts

ManufacturingSince the mid-2000’s, concerns have grown about how counterfeit electronic parts might cause safety hazards or failure of business critical applications. A recent survey by Enterprise Strategy Group reports that 16% of companies studied have purchased some form of counterfeit IT equipment. [1]

Current supply chain practices start with trusting the source, but processes are limited for screening out counterfeit component, particularly for products containing many subsystems. In fact, companies often purchase IT equipment without knowing counterfeit IT equipment is infiltrating their datacenters.

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Securing Your Business Throughout the Supply Chain

Intel is leading the industry standard for managing risk end-to-end in the supply chain with the Intel® Transparent Supply Chain - a set of policies and procedures implemented at Intel’s factories that enable end-users to validate where and when every component of a server was manufactured.

Secure Supply Chain

Key Features

  • Digitally signed statement of conformance for every motherboard (server board)
  • Platform Certificates provided for all motherboards with a secured Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • Server component data tracked and saved for 20 years
  • Firmware load verification

Increased Security and Accountability

Intel® Transparent Supply Chain helps assure resellers and end-customers that their products come with a level of accountability and traceability unprecedented in the industry. The end result is a more secure supply chain for the industry.

Traceability Accountability Assurance Security shield


Intel maintains server data for 20 years that can be traced back to the component level through the motherboard’s serial number.


Platform Certificates provide digital proof of product origin.


Customers can now inject a higher level of proof compared to the current standard.


Increased integrity and authenticity of the supply chain.

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Understanding and implementing Intel® Transparent Supply Chain

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Case Study:

Transparent supply chain helps SGI meet US DFARS regulations

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Download Statement of Conformance and Platform Certificate

Verify that your server is authentic. Simply enter the serial number of the server board, to get the Statement of Conformance and if applicable, the Platform Certificate.

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Products Supporting Intel® Transparent Supply Chain

The Intel® Transparent Supply Chain is included within Intel® Server Product Families including the Intel® Server Product S2600KP, S2600TP, and S2600WT families.

S2600KP familyIntel® Server Board S2600KP 45 jpg

S2600TP family

Intel® Server Board S2600TP Connectors png

S2600WT familyIntel® Server Board S2600WT with RMS3CC080 45

High performance and density in the smallest form-factor board optimized for memory performance.

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Highest density board with rich memory and I/O features. Optimized for the highest memory capacity.

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Full-featured board with maximum product flexibility for expansion. Maximum compute, memory, and I/O capacity in a 1U/2U rack.

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   Order Codes

Intel® Server Product S2600KP Family


  • BBS2600KPR
  • BBS2600KPFR

Compute Modules

  • HNS2600KPR
  • HNS2600KPFR

Intel® Server Product S2600TP Family


  • BBS2600TPR
  • BBS2600TPFR

Compute Modules

  • HNS2600TPR
  • HNS2600TPFR
  • HNS2600TP24R
  • HNS2600TP24SR

Intel® Server Product S2600WT Family


  • S2600WTTR
  • S2600WT2R


  • R1208WTTGSR
  • R1208WT2GSR
  • R1304WTTGSR
  • R1304WT2GSR
  • R2208WTTYSR
  • R2208WTTYC1R
  • R2208WT2YSR
  • R2224WTTYSR
  • R2308WTTYSR
  • R2312WTTYSR



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Sold through the normal purchasing process, similar to how other Intel® Server Products are sold to resellers today.

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