McAfee Antivirus for Intel® Server Systems

Intel® Server Products for Enhanced Security Servers

McAfee Antivirus for Intel® Server Systems

Bringing together hardware and software features for enhancing security in server

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Bundle for Enhanced Protection

McAfee_S2600WTCreate customizable solutions to enhance server security for your customers with the new McAfee Antivirus for Intel® Server Systems. Intel is offering unbranded, semi-integrated, building blocks optimized specifically for enhanced security servers in small and medium business (SMB) environments. Resellers can choose from select Intel® Server Product boards and systems and pair them with a McAfee Antivirus subscription, to offer increased security in your servers.

This solution includes Intel’s most innovative technologies, world-class validation, compatibility, certification, warranty, and support for Intel® Server Products along with McAfee award winning security. Flexible servers, better protection. Intel and McAfee, better together.

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Customize Your Solution

Choose the McAfee Antivirus subscription length:

  • One year
  • Three years

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Choose from one of the Intel® Server System or Board family options:

NEW! Intel® Server Board S1200SP Family

Single socket, Intel® Xeon® processor E3 v5 family-based server boards

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Intel® Server Product S1200V3RP Family

1U, single socket, Intel® Xeon® processor E3 family-based systems

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Intel® Server Product S2600WT Family

1U or 2U, dual socket, Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family-based systems

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Intel® Server Product S2600CW Family

Dual socket Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family- based boards for 4U chassis

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Portfolio Feature Highlights

Security Software


  • Award-winning malware detection and removal
  • Always-on protection that delivers real-time security
  • Easy and centralized management
  • Enhanced security protection for Windows* and Linux* environments

   To learn more about McAfee Antivirus go to:

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Technical Resources:

  • Product Support – search the Knowledge Center by selecting Product “VirusScan Enterprise” or “VirusScan Enterprise for Linux” from the list
  • For installation issues or advanced troubleshooting, contact 1-800-937-2237

Order Codes:

1-year renewal
3-year renewal


 Intel Server Board S1200SP Family

Technical Resources:

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Intel Server Board S1200V3RP-based systems

Technical Resources:

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Intel Server Product S2600WT family-based systems

Intel® Server System R2208WT
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R1000WT Technical Resources:

R2000WT Technical Resources:

Intel® Server Board S2600CW

Intel Server Board S2600CW Family

  • Dual Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v3 family, 145W maximum TDP
  • SSI EEB form-factor (12” x 13”) for chassis selection flexibility
  • 16 DDR4 slots support LR/U/R/NV-DIMMs, up to 2 TB total memory
  • 80 PCIe* Gen 3 and four PCIe* Gen 2 lanes
  • Storage I/O connector for PCIe slot saving with SAS 2 or SAS 3 Intel® Integrated RAID options

Technical Resources:

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Target uses

Enhanced Protection for SMB’s

Security_iconThe McAfee Antivirus for Intel® Server Systems makes it easy and affordable to offer small and medium businesses server security on par with that available for Enterprise. Now SMB’s can help ensure their servers get blocked from viruses that target Windows* from passing through Linux* environments. SMB’s can have the flexibility to detect and block malware based on ther business needs: on access, on demand, or on a schedule.

With the McAfee software SMB’s can proactively stop and remove threats, help extend coverage for new security risks, and reduce the cost of managing outbreak responses.


Secure Reseller Options

This flexible offering creates an opportunity for the channel and distributors with changing customer needs to offer Enterprise-level security to SMB’s for both Linux and Windows environments and an Intel Server Product you can rely on. Offer your SMB customers faster and reliably enhanced security server solutions based on innovative Intel technologies you can trust.

Reseller benefits:

  • Semi-integrated, unbranded products with Intel’s latest technologies designed for enhanced security servers
  • Award winning McAfee security software
  • Decreased installation time and effort
  • Products easily tuned to required customer environments
  • Easy system integration, validation, compatibility, certification, and support
  • Faster time-to-market and lower total cost-of-ownership
  • Get certified as a McAfee Channel Reseller Partner

Reseller value

Deliver enhanced security server solutions to customers faster by focusing resources on your unique value-add— software, services and support, while leveraging the Intel brand, its quality and reliability.


How to order



End User

Sold through the normal distributors purchasing process, the same way other Intel® Server Products are sold to distributors today.

For questions contact your Intel sales representative.

Sold through the normal purchasing process, similar to how other Intel® Server Products are sold to resellers today.

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Work with your OEMs, Intel® Authorized Distributor or Intel® sales representative.

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Direct OEM

Indirect OEM

Need Help?

Sold through the OEMs’ normal purchasing channel, the same way other Intel® Server Products are purchased today.

Contact your Intel sales representative.

Sold through the Intel Authorized Distributors to OEMs via the normal purchasing process.

Contact your Intel sales representative or Intel Authorized Distributor.

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For questions about how to order McAfee bundle skus contact Intel.

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