Intel Certification and Vendor Hardware Compatibility Lists

Intel helps Resellers remove hurdles and saves thousands of dollars by pre-certifying Intel® Server Platforms with participating independent hardware and software vendors (ISVs and IHVs). Intel reduces certification barriers, providing server resellers and direct Intel OEMs a quick, cost-efficient avenue for adopting a wide variety of software and hardware building blocks and helping them build end-user confidence.

Pass-Through-Certification vs. Hardware Compatibility Lists (HCLs) -
Which One Do I Choose?

If your system is based on a Microsoft, Red Hat, Suse or VMware solution, you may qualify for pass-through-certification and listing on the vendor's Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). Otherwise, you may request certification from the Intel® Cluster Ready program.

Intel® Cluster Ready Certification

Join the Intel® Cluster Ready (ICR) program and begin using Intel® Server Products to achieve pass-though certification for HPC clusters. The ICR program defines a common basis for clusters in collaboration with OEMs, channel members, and ISVs.

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Microsoft Windows Logo Program*/Microsoft WHQL*

The Microsoft Windows Logo Program* identifies quality products that are easy to install and that run without interfering with other components on Windows-based computers. Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs* (WHQL) testing program helps ensure that systems based on Intel® Server Boards, Intel® Workstation Boards, and Intel® Desktop Boards qualify for the Windows Logo Program.

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Red Hat* HCL

The Intel® Server Boards and Systems offer Pass-Through Certification which allows third-party systems to be granted the same certification status as models previously certified by Intel Corporation. Your certified hardware will be listed for FREE on the Red Hat* Hardware Catalog, Red Hat's official online database of certified hardware, and Red Hat will provide support to your end customers for Red Hat products installed on your certified hardware.

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Resellers who purchase Intel® Server Products and are members of the SUSE* PartnerNet program may be eligible to leverage an existing SUSE* YES Certification from Intel through the 3C copy process.

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VMware* HCL

VMware* pass-through certification gives you the authority to provide world-class customer assurance that the hardware and software in your solutions are validated to work together smoothly. Through VMware Partner Central, you can request your certified hardware to be listed on VMware's Hardware Compatibility List (HCL).

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