Intel® Cluster Ready

Intel® Cluster Ready Program


The Intel® Cluster Ready architecture reduces the complexity of today's cluster design by providing standardized, consistent, and replicable cluster configuration.

Platform providers and system integrators develop clusters that must pass a certification process to verify they are interoperable with registered software applications. Registered applications have been verified as capable of running on any certified cluster. The Intel® Cluster Checker tool assures that the cluster is well-integrated and thoroughly tested.

Get your products certified the general steps are:

  1. Sign up for the Intel Cluster Ready program as an Intel Hardware Vendor (OEM).
  2. Download and follow one of the certified reference designs.
  3. Download the certification instructions and submission form.
  4. Successfully validate the cluster configuration using the Intel Cluster Checker tool. Complete the submission form and send it with the certification output file and bill of materials (BOM)
  5. Certification will result in listing your product on the Intel Cluster Ready web site and the ability to use Intel Cluster Ready materials.
  6. The cluster can be marketed and sold with confidence knowing that registered HPC applications will run on the cluster.

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