The Edge

The Intel Server Edge!

Intel server building blocks deliver world-class Intel® Server Products (including server boards, systems, chassis, RAID and more) that solve customers’ problems. Intel Server Products are built on a foundation of industry-leading technology.

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Our promise to you is to:

Make the path to reliable solutions easy and we will do this by:

  • Inspiring confidence
  • Earning customer trust
  • Demonstrating commitment
  • Continuously improve

Intel offers you the edge to set your business apart from the competition. With focused products designed to span multiple use-cases and customization requirements, you can evolve and expand your business as you exceed customer expectations.

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Intel Server Products offer best-in-class design and uncompromising quality standards. Extensive testing and validation means you can trust them to perform.

  • Manufacturing rigor
  • Lifecycle management
  • Rigorous product testing & certification
  • Longer life options available on select products



We are committed to providing you an extraordinary customer experience. We listen and adapt based on our channel partner’s needs. We deliver the pre-validated server solutions, extended warranty options, support, and software to give you an advantage in the market.

Continuous improvement


Align your business with one of the world’s most recognized brands. The Intel brand is a brand you and your customer can trust and rely on. And now you have even more reasons to sell Intel Server Products for all your customer requirements including:

Faster to market. Intel tests, validates and certifies the Intel Server Products so you do not have to. Get products to your customers quicker and set your business apart.

Inventory flexibility. Intel® Server Boards and System building block components are available for the highest inventory flexibility.

Clear upgrade paths. Sell customer solutions with clear upgrade paths that allow you to build custom, scalable servers for your customer’ diverse needs.

Customization. More opportunity to differentiate yourself by customizing more server configurations.

Establish longer term customers. Nurture your customer relationships for the long-term as Intel offers extended warranties and unbeatable service.

Break away from the competition. The Intel® Technology Provider Program provides tools and training to help you increase your profitability.your customer relationships for the long-term as Intel offers extended warranties and unbeatable service.